Shelley Duvall + Burns Twins Autograph Script Cover The Shining Signed JSA COA

Shelley Duvall + The Burns Twins Autographed The Shining Script Cover Signed JSA COA

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Experience the spine-chilling allure of "The Shining" with the Shelley Duvall and Burns Twins Autographed Script Cover. This unique piece features the signatures of Shelley Duvall and the Burns Twins, encapsulating the essence of this iconic horror film.

Authenticity is guaranteed with the JSA COA, ensuring that this autographed script cover is a genuine collector's item. Whether you're a devoted fan of the film, a horror enthusiast, or a collector of rare memorabilia, this signed script cover transports you into the eerie world of "The Shining."

The collaboration of Shelley Duvall and the Burns Twins on this autographed script cover brings a touch of cinematic history to your collection, making it a standout addition that pays homage to this enduring masterpiece.

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