How to Mail-In Your Item

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Our Address:

Zobie Productions
15031 Woodham Drive #300, Houston, TX 77073

What's the difference between a Presale and a Mail-In?

A Presale item is an item you purchase through us, such as a photo or Funko Pop that we provide for you! A Mail-in item is an item that you currently own and would like to Mail-In to us for the celebrity to sign. When you Mail-In an item, we recommend the below steps to make sure the items arrives safely to us.

Mail-in Guidelines:

1. Please make sure your item selection matches your mail-in item. All mail-ins must be pre-approved through email first before mailing it in or placing your order.

2. Your item must be mailed in by the deadlines for the signings. If they arrive late, they will not be signed. No exceptions.

3. Pack your item carefully and securely. We are not responsible for any damage or loss done during shipping to us. It is recommended that you purchase insurance and tracking.

4. We reserve the right to refuse any item for any reason. If you send a non-approved item, it will be returned. The cost of the Pre-Order will be refunded in full, but return shipping is non-refundable.

5. We can not always take proof photos at all the signings of every item, so third-party authentication is available for an additional fee.

6. Please label each item you mail in with a post-it-note with the following information:

Your Order Number
Your Full Name
Your Phone Number

7. Please use your real name on the package. If the name on the order is different then the one used for mailing in an item, please make note of it.

8. If you are mailing in a Funko Pop, we recommend shipping it in flat by putting it between 2 thick pieces of cardboard and then in an envelope. Use a 11x14 toploader for extra protection.

9. If your item already has Third Party Authentication, please keep the matching COA card with you and ship your mail-in to us without it.

Contact us at if you have any further questions!