About Zobie

Why Zobie? Great question!

I am Jayare Gallegos, Owner and CEO of Zobie Productions.

I created a business that I am extremely passionate about. This started as a hobby and that quickly has become my main priority in life. I want to offer authentic memorabilia that you cannot find anywhere else to all types of collectors across the world. I initially started to collect autographs from musicians at an early age and I continued to build that collection while in college. Once I completed my Masters, I found myself wanting to really focus on collecting unique items that I really enjoyed. This hobby quickly turned into a business and I formed Zobie Productions, which is a combination of my daughters' names: Zoey and Colbie. We conduct private signings all across the US and provide fellow collectors a way to mail-in their items to be signed by their favorite actors and actresses. 

Recently, we have also launched another fun way for Horror collectors to obtain authentic memorabilia, as well as exclusive art and collectibles with the Zobie Fright Pack! We are currently developing more mystery boxes, including our Pop Culture themed box, The Zobie Box. Stay connected with us as we expand on our company and dare I say, the Zobie Universe.

Aug 2018 - 1st Zobie Box Released
Jan 2018 - 1st Zobie Fright Pack Released
2016 - Business Started

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