Backstage Pass: November!

November was really busy month with 6 trips booked. I was really excited as 3 of the trips were in a 8 day span. The body takes a toll when you fly from Dallas to LA back to Dallas then 1 day later to Boston. I wont complain as it was a fun month with a lot of great memories. The month started off with a Dallas Cowboys signing featuring 2017 rookie Ryan Switzer. If you saw the last game you got to see what he can do on the field. Off the field he is a big Office fan and the time I spent with him conducting the signing was an absolute joy. Everyone knows I am a HUGE fan of the Dallas Cowboys so anytime I get to do business with any of the players its a great time.

Ryan Switzer Dallas Cowboys Rookie WR

Ryan Switzer and I

Weird sunlight glare in the most awkward place lol.

View from the suite in Frisco!

After this signing I traveled to Austin to conduct a signing with the beautiful twins Elise and Electra Avellan.

Electra Avellan and Elise Avellan

This signing was a quick one day trip as Austin is 3 hours away from me. The twins are known for their roles in multiple Robert Rodriguez films such as Planet Terror and Machete. The twins were so cool to work with. They have such beautiful souls.

Twins and I

 Next came the most brutal part of the month, which was a trip that required layovers in multiple cities. Because there weren't direct flights to choose from I had to travel to St. Louis then Boston. Once I arrived in Boston I had to rent a vehicle and drive 1 hour south to Providence, RI.

Ian McDiarmid 

If anyone knows about these types of trips you know that every minute counts as you are waiting to conduct signings at all times of the day. This trip wasn't any different as I had 7 signings in 2 days. When you handle thousands of items every month you know many tricks and tips to make sure that you are as organized as possible. That is key. First up a signing with the Emperor from Star Wars. This went flawless as he is an absolute professional.

Next was a Games of Thrones star Jerome Flynn. This was a great signing with someone I never had done business with, but the fans really responded well to his signing and all of the items were completed.

Sadie Sink, Stranger Things

Gaten Matarazzo, Dustin Stranger Things

Next up was fan favorite Dustin and Mad Max from Stranger Things. These signings were great with a lot of great collectibles signed for fans across the US. Both actors have amazing careers in front of them. Side note: I had to carry 10 skateboards on my Tumi bags and I was almost positive that they were going to break by bags. Tumi survived like a warrior! Super happy I converted all my bags over to Tumi. Anyways...

Signings with Steve Blum, Justin Roiland, Chris Sabat, and Sean Schemmel were also conducted. Just crazy mayhem all the time for these shows. I was really disappointed on the Mark Ruffalo cancellation. I am still dealing with scheduling issues to get a signing completed, that's for next months blog though.

When I got back I had less than 24 hours to prepare a large signing in LA...well Burbank technically. There's a

I wasn't feeling well, I was super sick due to the weather changes I was traveling through.

Oh hey random photos...from Providence.

First up in Burbank was a signing with the amazing Diane Pershing. If you are a Batman Animated Series fan you know her as the voice of Poison Ivy. She absolutely amazing to work with. This was the second signing with her this year. Oh and yes that's all the photos she signed for me in 3 hours....yes 3 hours....she is a beast!

Diane Pershing

The new idea was to do something cool for the box subscribers so whats more cool than adding a twist to the mystery box collectors. Autograph Poison Ivy Funko POPS!

So the above photo....looks like a lot of boxes right? Well these trips are usually crazy as I typically fly in head to the bank, drive to the hotel, check-in and conduct multiple signings in 8 hours. That's just how I

Well when we go with items that are outside of the box so to speak such as bulky items, I am in charge of making sure they arrive at said hotel. I am also responsible for unloading the boxes to the room and getting every prepped. No I don't have any staff members with me. I don't have anyone helping me at all. These is true to about 99% of my signings.I will occasionally have a JSA rep or maybe a friend from a nearby city that always wondered what I really do for a living so they hang around and snap photos. Anyways these were the boxes I was about to unload and get the items signed for the fans....

This is what was the result of the said boxes being opened....

It took me a total of 4 hours to open the box, take out the items, place them safely around the room to be signed. It took so long that I actually had our next signer help me....the voice of Crypt Keeper John Kassir.

He was absolutely cool with the

He told me that he couldn't believe what went into these type of signings and that I was all by myself.

Its a lot of work guys...

John Kassir

It was a great time and everything was taken care of, but the mess was outrageous. I hope when the fans receive these items they truly appreciate what went through to get this signing completed.

Random photos from my trip to LAX :)

I have to time....I LA.


Once I was back in Dallas, I did a quick trip to visit my friend Kevin Conroy in Austin.

He is so amazing to work with. This was my third signing with him this year and 5th total in the last two years.

I wasn't expecting to travel for the month of December, but I just got 2 flights to LA so I will post up a December blog later this month.



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