Backstage Pass: September!

I finally caught up on some sleep. September was really busy for Zobie. I traveled to 3 cities in 8 days to fulfill over 4500 autographs for the business. I went from Dallas, TX (Conducted a private signing with Kevin Nash at midnight) to a 9 AM flight to LA for 2 days where I conducted 3 private signings (Quinn Lord from Trick r Treat, James Duval from Donnie Darco, and Tyler Mane from Rob Zombies Halloween remake), then back to Dallas for an additional 2 days of rest. Once I caught up with processing those orders I turned right around and flew to Salt Lake City (which was an absolutely beautiful city) conducted 3 private signings with Jon Bernthal from The Punisher, Elodie Yung from The Defenders and Brian Herring aka BB-8 from Star Wars. Then stayed in Dallas for 1 night to turn around and head to LA to finish my 8th signing in 8 days with Billy West. Here are a couple of photos from this trip.

Kevin Nash Autograph Session

Kevin Nash signing The Longest Yard jerseys for Zobie Productions.

Tyler Mane Autograph Session

Tyler Mane signing Michael Myers Masks in Burbank, CA

James Duval after the private signing

James Duval and I after the private signing...Go Cowboys!

Quinn Lord, SAM from Trick R Treat

Sam...aka Quinn Lord signing figures for Zobie Productions.

Brian Herring and Jayare Gallegos private signing

Brian Herring private signing

After the signing he still had a smile on his face! Trooper guys!

Elodie Yung private signing

Elodie signing Funko Pop Figures for Zobie Productions. 

Jon Bernthal

This was taken after the private signing session. Bernthal signings are always a blast.

Last signing of the trip...Billy West. A personal favorite of mine as he was the voice of Doug. One of my favorite shows ever!

Billy West private signings

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