Backstage Pass: May 2019

What a month!

I was super busy this month!

We started the month with a big launch of the Zobie Fright Pack. I was really tired from the flight to Manchester so I feel like the first week I was on auto pilot. I knew in my head we had multiple signings right off the bat and then you add the pressure of producing a horror mystery box. Not just any box, but a box that has value and items that people would actually want to own in their collection. That is the key for me, is to create something that people would want to own in their collection and not filler items.

Shout out to Frank for the help this month. He came through with helping setup and organize the signings when we were really on crunch time. Here is some photos from our signings with Charlie Hunnam, Ralph Macchio, Martin Kove, Jackson Robert Scott, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jason Patric, and Kiefer Sutherland. Linda Blair wasn’t feeling well so we rescheduled for LA later in the month..more on that later in this blog.

Here is Frank getting the Sailor Moon items signed in Houston. Theres a theme here with Frank really helping us out with signings this month as we were traveling back and forth between shows a lot.


Below we have the voice of Dominic Santiago from Gears of War Carlos Ferro signing 8x10s for a Zobie Wednesday Special!

Below we have Chris and Dave signing from Jackass. I grew up on this show and I loved that we were able to conduct 3 Jackass signings this year. I am working on doing more signings soon!

I ended May in LA doing 4 signings with the 5th signing getting cancelled due to sickness. The signing was Linda Blair, I refunded everyone and sent their items back with the company paying for return shipping due to the cancellation. There is times in this business I feel like we have to be as transparent as possible. We ride highs and lows in life and even in business we ride those waves. I believe that I have to just be real and authenticate and pushing back a signing that I felt was personally not gonna happen due to the back and forth wasn't right. I still hope I can make that signing happen in the future, but right now it wasn't right to hold those items.

I understand some peoples frustration, but ultimately I didn't want to hold your items, let alone your money. I will try to get that completed soon.

June is going crazy with 3 launches. I hope you guys love them!

Until this is June already...I suck at Blogging!


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