Backstage Pass: May 2018

Hello world!

May has been a crazy month with the launch of the Zobie Fright Pack on the 8th. We traveled a lot this month due to the amount of signings we had all over the US.

Simon Bamford Signing

One of the first signings in May we had was Simon Bamford. He is know for playing 'Butterball' Cenobite in Hellraiser.


Jackson Robert Scott Signing

During the signing for Simon, we had Jackson Robert Scott come in and he was full charisma and energy. He made the whole room laugh.

I can see Jackson having a huge career as he has the trait you see in young actors that just have the 'IT' factor...

Here is a view of the conference rooms full of bloody arms.

A view of Frank from JSA stickering the bloody arms.

and more merch to get signed.

Our bootleg banner for the conference room. lol

Hellraiser Cast Signing

Next up was another round of two signings at once. We had Nicholas Vince and Barbie Wilde. Both played in Hellraiser as cenobites.

Next up was another round of two signings at once. This was a theme for Friday to be honest. We typically have to do multiple signings at once since time is critical during a big convention weekend. We have to be extremely organized in order to pull this off. I don't think people realize how much goes into organizing multiple signings. I have seen comments from people on the Zobie Collectors Community group and other FB groups about how signings look fun. Most of the time its really stressful and you spend most of your time organizing for those few minutes that a person comes into your room to do the signing.

IT Cast Signing

Sophia Lillis and Jaeden Lieberher were great to work with. This was the second time working with Jaeden and he is truly an amazing soul. Really nice kid that I expect to see have a very successful career in the entertainment world.

Clive Barker Signing

Immediately after the signing we ran up to Clive Barker's room to conduct that signing. This was a signing that was setup for 6 months and I am completely honored to be invited to his suite and spend 30 minutes with him talking about films and the items we had signed.

Tom Morga Signing

Next up was a signee for the Zobie Fright Pack. Tom Morga who is known for playing three important horror characters such as Jason, Leatherface and Michael Myers.

Tobin Bell Signing

Friday was a very long day. We setup at 7:30 AM and by the time we got to Tobin Bell coming into the room it was already 10 PM. Tobin was an absolute class act. We joked about the memorabilia business and how people often try to take advantage of celebrities. He was extremely thankful for me being organized and how professional our setting was. That is something I pride myself in. I strive to be organized and professional at all times; that's what has helped me develop the relationships I have in the business.

Adrienne Barbeau Signing

Now its midnight and we have the last signings for the day. The incredible Adrienne Barbeau.


Once the day was over we had to clean up, pack and move everything to my house. This took a long time, I remember driving home and it was 4 am by the time I laid in my bed.

IT Cast Photo

Dragonball Cast Signing

The next day we had the Dragonball Z signings.

Quick signing with the voice of Goku Sean Schemmel.

Val Kilmer Signing

Once we completed the 16 private signings the first weekend of May, we boarded a plane to LA to conduct two private signings. First one up was Val Kilmer. You might remember him from his iconic representation of Doc Holliday in Tombstone or if your a Batman fan from Batman Forever with Nicole Kidman.

This was my 4th private signing with Val Kilmer since May 2017 and he was in really good spirits. Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos:


Stefan Kapicic Signing

Next up was Colussus himself Stefan Kapicic!


Random photo of a nice banner promoting Deadpool 2 off the highway in LA.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Signing

From LA we headed to Nashville to conduct a signing with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

It took forever to get this completely organized!

Store Appearance with Sting

Next thing we had was a in-store appearance with Sting in Houston, TX.

A close up of a tattoo that a fan had on his leg.

Jeremy Bulloch Signing

Next up was the Jeremy Bulloch private signing. Jeremy has always been one of the best people to do business with. He loves his fans and has one of the best signatures in the memorabilia world.


I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bulloch for 2 days and he was an absolute warrior in getting through all of the items.

Stay tune for June as we have some big signings setup!

XL Mystery Box releases June 1st 6:00pm CT and Funko Mystery Grab Bag releases June 20th 6:00pm CT.

Also, the next Zobie Fright Pack launches July 8th at 6:00pm CT.




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