Backstage Pass: March!

Whats up guys and girls! 

I am writing this blog as I try to recover from a sickness that has finally caught up to me due to my travel schedule. I think after the 5 flights and the long nights, my body finally just gave up!

Late February

I wanted to post a photo of my family with my mom. In late February, I found out that my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My mom was a trooper and had surgery in Houston. I was going through a lot of family stuff and what got me through a lot of it was obviously my family and friends. I saw some posts on how much people loved their items they got from either purchases or mystery grab bags, and those messages on the Facebook Zobie Collectors Community really went a long way for me. THANK YOU! She is doing good now; she is recovering. I show her all of the messages that were sent to me from the people around me that knew about it and she greatly appreciates the support! Pictured from Left to Right is Carlos (Step Dad), Stevie (Little big brother), Mom, Erica (Sister), Me! and Danny (Brother in Law).

March Consisted of a total of 14 Signings!

This month was really busy for us. We conducted 14 signings across the US. In all, I spent 12 days away from home. I am working hard to try to get you quality autographs from celebrities and my goal is to create one of the biggest memorabilia companies out there.

We started the month traveling to Los Angeles to conduct some private signings. We completed 1 signing for a company that was looking to do a 80's theme signing for their box. I hope everyone likes that product. It definitely a favorite show of mine. We conducted a private signing with Mickey Mouse himself, Bret Iwan.

First, a view from the Burbank airport; I love this airport. I rather fly into Burbank than LAX any day of the week!

View from the hotel room. I love LA, but I hate the traffic.

Bret Iwan Signing

Bret is one of the nicest and most down to earth people I have met. He is a really good guy, I know he will be doing comic con appearances in the summer and fall, so if you get an opportunity, make sure to stop by and meet him. You will not regret it.

Nick Castle Signing

Next up was a trip over to see "The Shape" Nick Castle.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who trust us with their items. I try my absolute best to make sure the items are taken care of just like their mine. On that note, I wanted to start this blog to give a behind the scenes look at what goes into these signings and everything that comes up with my travel.

Below is a photo of another long night of my wife and I flatting the Funko Pop boxes so I can compress them into blocks that fit in my carry on or checked bags. This takes a long time, the reason I show this particular photo is because you will see what we had to do to transport 78 6 inch Funko Pops this past weekend.

Lexington Comic & Toy Con

The next trip was off to Cincy...well technically Lexington, KY.

This was the week leading up to Lexington BTW....

This trip was crazy since we were getting better rates flying into Cincy than Lexington, so we had to get a rental car and make that journey down. If you haven't been, this show has crazy attendance! I've never seen this type of turn out other than Rhode Island Comic Con. If you like to visit comic cons around the US, visit this one next year. It's def a must see event!

Tara Strong Signing

Tim Rose Signing

Lexington was crazy and the weather was different than what I had in mind as I wasn't expecting snow lol.

Trip to Portland, Maine

Next up was a trip from one extreme to another, Portland, was 18 degrees when I landed....Why!!!!

This is the first thing I saw when I landed. I wanted to get back on a plane and immediately come back to Dallas.

Damian Maffei Signing

Next signing up was with Damian Maffei. He is the badass "Man in the Mask" for the new film, Strangers: Prey at Night! Damian and I spent hours talking about horror films and love for them in general. He is a great person that loves horror just like most of us. If you ever get a chance to talk to him, you won't regret it!

This was a quick trip, I spent 13 hours in the air and probably 14 hours in Portland itself.

HorrorHound Weekend and Mark Steger Signing

Next up was a trip 2 days later to Cincy....yes again lol. This time for a show called HorrorHound Weekend.

This was the view of the end result for the 78 Demogorogon Funko POPs. What's even more amazing is they went to Cincy and came back with zero DAMAGE!!!!! That's simply just amazing.

Here is Mark Steger himself holding up the 6 inch POP figure. This pop is one of my favorites. The detail is amazing!

Stranger Things Demogorgon

Rey Mysterio

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot with the fans starring Rey Mysterio. BOOYKA! 619

Henry Thomas Signing

Growing up, I was a huge fan of E.T. so to do a signing with Henry Thomas was really cool for me. Deep down I was geeking out! There are definitely some unique items for this signing.

Rob Mello Signing

Rob Mello signing some items for us.

Brad Dourif Signing

Brad Dourif signing some Voodoo knifes for Zobie!

Paul Taylor Signing

Paul Taylor signing for us. He is the new Pinhead.

Alex Vincent Signing

In a hotel lobby area, I setup a private signing area for the Alex Vincent signing. This was interesting as I had to get over 100 knifes from the 275 pieces getting done in front of a walking crowd who just happen to be drinking all day lol.

Me walking through the Cincy airport leaving a little Zobie message on the board behind me, all while wearing Signed Chandler Riggs hat....because why not.

I will be making another special Zobie Fright Pack blog next week with some photos from behind the scenes. I hope you guys are just are as excited as me for it.

Until next time guys!




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