Backstage Pass: February 2019!

What a crazy month!

Typically, February is a slow month due to getting over the holidays, but not this February! We were slammed with travel and work, which honestly, between us, I wouldn't want it any other way.

First off, Tthank you for all of the messages of me winning an Oscar! LOL Punks!



Anyways, first up was private signings with Josh Martin and Chris Rager. Let me tell you guys right now, these are were so down to earth. I absolutely love Majin Buu's Candy Review on Twitter. If you haven't seen it, please go follow Josh at 


Here's a great shot of Frank, Chris, Josh, Adam, and I.

Next up was a trip to California!

I flew up to LAX (I hate it) and met up with my friend Rick. Who for the first time I actually saw wear pants....

It doesn't matter if its 2 degrees or 100 degrees, it's always shorts for Rick.

I had to document the situation.

Side note, I love pizza, if I am traveling with Rick. The pizza has to be on point. On the way out, he couldn't help himself, but to let everyone know that the pizza we got the night before for dinner was terrible!

We got up and headed to the hills for a private signing, but the end game was to travel to Chad McQueen's home and conduct his first private signing ever. Chad is known for his work on Karate Kid as Dutch and also he is the son of Steve McQueen.

Mr. McQueen was amazing to work with. He wanted me to tell all his fans that he appreciates you sending items in to get signed and he loves you!

Here are some photos of the signing.

When I arrived in Texas, there was no delay in getting ready for another quick stop at Zach's for a signing with David Ankrum, known for his work in multiple Star Wars films.

Next up was a trip to Charlotte for Mad Monster.

This trip I was really looking forward to because I was meeting in person Half Geek for the first time.

I will be writing random things down of my experience with Darryl.

He loves Chocolate Milk...

He's flexible.

He finds that the tri-blend shirt from Zobie is best to sleep in....available now on

He likes Buzz Lightyear shoes.

First up for was a signing with Miko Hughes, who is known for his famous quote in Kindergarten Cop.."Boys Have A PenisGirls Have a Vagina". He played in a lot of different movies, but for some reason that's the movie that I remember the most.


Next up was the Scream Queen herself, Danielle Harris!

The rose between two thorns. Absolutely amazing to work with her. She's one of the fastest signers and just from a chatting it up standpoint, she is amazing and so funny.

If you travel to horror shows and you see great cosplaying Clowns, please post them up on our community. Great work for this fellow!

As soon as I landed, I got my items ready for the Mike McFarland signing aka the voice of Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z.

You are probably noticing a theme with doing more voice actors. Well, my house is a fan of anime and the community has grown to support and request anime more and more!

Here is some photos of JSA Stephen hard at work, but first lets stop at QT and get some Raspberry Tea....I swear he can't work without the giant 44oz cup of tea next to him.

After 4 hours we are done!

Real quick, we got new merch up on the site. Check out some of these designs.

I appreciate you guys so much for taking time to read this blog.

I love you guys!


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