Backstage Pass: February!

Hey Everyone!

The month of February went by really fast with a total of 11 signings this month! We spent many nights in hotels and boarded more planes than expected as we got some last minute deals locked in.

Fright Pack Update

I want to start off my just saying thank you for the support. The launch of the 1st Zobie Fright Pack was a great success. The Zobie Fright Pack sold out early February and I didn't expect that to be honest.

Jonathan Breck Signing

We started off February with two private signings, the first was Jonathan Breck, who is known for playing the Creeper in Jeepers Creepers.

Malcolm McDowell Signing

Next up was Malcolm McDowell, who is known for his work in A Clockwork Orange and Halloween. We have done work with Malcolm before and we truly respect how great he is to work with.

Here is a preview of one item that is now available on the website.

Kate Flannery Signing

We headed to LA on a very early flight to complete 3 private signings in 48 hours. We completed the following three signings with Kate Flannery, Laura Slade Wiggins, and Laura Vandervoort.

Kate was an absolute professional, knocking out the items at her home. She is known for her work in the US version of The Office, playing the role of Meredith.

Laura Slade Wiggins Signing

Next up, I met with Laura who is known for playing Karen in Shameless. If you haven't seen Shameless....WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Go check it out right now.. I'll wait. it's one of my favorite shows...ever.

Laura Vandervoort Signing

The following day, bright and early, I met up with Laura Vandervoort, who was one of the nicest people I have met in this industry. She was an absolute professional working through the items.

Icons of the Galaxy Pack Update

Next up was the launch of the Icons of the Galaxy pack, which we launched mid-February and Sold Out within 2 and half hours. WHAT!?

Go check out the YouTube unboxing videos and thank you for making those videos guys. This allows me to fix issues that arise or areas where I know I can improve the product.

Partnership with JSA

We also announced our partnership with JSA, which will allow us to provide JSA authenticated items moving forward in all of our Zobie Mystery Packs.

This partnership will help us move towards a product that you will enjoy and provide more value in your collectibles. In a world full of forgeries, I want to separate ourselves from all of the other companies out there and provide you real authentic memorabilia each and every day!

Tony Romo Signing

The next signing we took part in was one with Tony Romo. Tony was super cool and if your a Dallas Cowboys fan, you should check out the new inventory in stock on our website. We have some custom photos that are really cool.

Amy Jo Johnson Signing

Next up was a private signing with Pink Ranger and a early flight to KC. I was really excited to conduct a signing with Amy Jo Johnson, as growing up, I was a HUGE fan of Mighty Morpin' Power Rangers.

Last Minute Signings with Some Legends

While there we conducted and took part in some other signings such as Jim Cummings, Jerome Flynn, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche. If you ever watched Rick and Morty or Winnie the Pooh, then you have heard Jim, Jess, Rob and Maurice voices in those shows. Jerome is known as Bronn in the popular Game of Thrones show.

Sting Con Signing

Quick photo of Sting meeting his fans. The fans were amazing!

Brooker T Signing

Next up was a Las Vegas trip to take care of Booker T, and for the Las Vegas Toy Con.

New Zobie Mystery Grab Bags

During my time in Las Vegas, I was able to get some work done as well as some down time. I worked with my team (Brad, Chris and Adam) to put together the Zobie Mystery Grab Bag (still currently available on our website). I was able to sit down and chat face-to-face with Chris about the upcoming months. You may see him answering questions on the community page, as he is one of the moderators.

Here a photo of Chris and myself holding large bottles of Hershey's syrup bottles.. because you know, it's great for my diet plan.. ha! Chris has not only worked with me on Zobie projects, but he has tried to get me to be in better overall shape.

Some Downtime in Las Vegas

While in Las Vegas I was able to attend O by Cirque du Soleil and WWE Elimination Chamber. Special shout out to Booker T for the floor seats!

Orders Shipped Out

Once I returned home, I was greeted with over 80 items that had to be processed, so it was a long late night. I sincerely appreciate all the support. It means the world to me and I know you love what we have planned for the future.

Special shout out to Team Zobie! This week was full of project planning, website design, banner creation, photo edits, and everything else in between.

Until next time,


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