Backstage Pass: August 2019

Whats up everyone!

August was a hot summer in Texas! We started the month off with a signing with Linda in California. She was absolutely amazing to work with. She signed some beautiful photos for us that are now available on the website.

That weekend during another convention we had our friend Jackie and two of my favorite people in the world Ryan and Kimberly take a photo representing Zobie!

Pinkies up Ryan!

Next up for me was a little bit of relaxation in the country hills of Texas. I love this part of Texas. I hope one day I can buy some property and live there.

We conducted a signing with Paul Blake from Star Wars. He played Greedo. Paul is really fun to work with. This is our 4th signing with him and hes always been a joy to work with.

Here are my two little helpers with Paul. The little one was like wow that's cool wheres my pancakes that you promised me daddy!. Yeah my kid.

Next up was a slammed weekend where Frank and Adam where in Shreveport, LA and I was in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Cynthia Cranz voice of Botan and ChiChi signing Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho Funko POP figures for us!


Miko Hughes after our signing. He signed a few of these Funko POP Pet Semtary figures.

Samantha Smith from Supernatural signing some photos for us.

Richard Brake after the signing posing with Night King Funko POP figures. Richard is always a blast to work with.

Josh Martin after signing some Kid Buu Funko POP figures. I love the WWF shirt! I need to get me one of those.

Kane and I chillin after meeting up. He is always great to work with.

Just two T-Rex going at it in a match up made for PPV! Everyone was drinking and having a good time, this was some good entertainment.

Clive Barker signing items for Zobie. Big and beautiful signatures.

Next up was some signings that we got done with the help from Rodney. My favorite Florida doughnut eating friend.

Here is RA arguing with Rodney over who makes the best donuts! I kid, but he looks mad.

Bob Carter signing items for us. Bob was great and even sent us a video he made for us. You can check that out over in the Zobie Collectors Community.

Chuck Norris signing items for Zobie. Look out for these and autograph Funko POP figures in the coming weeks.

Thank you guys so much for supporting Zobie. We have some really fun things coming up in the next few weeks. I hope you guys enjoy it!


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