Backstage Pass: April!

Hey Guys and Gals!

Jayare here. April was a busy month for us here at Zobie. We started with a trip to LA to conduct a few business meetings, and we really started the ground work for future signings for Zobie.


First was a trip to New Orleans to work at the Wrestlecon event and enjoy the biggest wrestling show of the year WWE Wrestlemania. I was able to meet with my Funko Rep and the amazing people over at JSA as well. Overall, this trip was amazing, and I was even able to get a photo that I had been wanting to take for a while with probably one of the best wrestlers in the world, Kenny Omega! The photo actually went viral, but with my friend Gilbert and I, cropped off! LOL The Internet always wins!

Kenny Omega, Stone Cold Steve Austin

Sting, Bully Ray and Goldberg

Burbank, CA

Immediately after the New Orleans trip, I flew straight to Burbank, CA. For those who travel as much as I do, you know what a pain flying to LAX can be. I found Burbank a couple of years ago being a lot more enjoyable, only bad thing about it is the flights from Dallas to Burbank are limited. But I have to say, I love the fact that I can walk off the plane onto the apron haha.

Here's a quick photo of the Superbad store that filmed the popular scene where McLovin tries to buy alcohol. 

Adam Green Signing

First signing to take care of was Adam Green at his amazing studio. Finding it was challenging, but once I arrived, I was immediately greeted with the boat that was used in the Hatchet film. Adam gave me a tour of his studio, which to any horror buff, would be a geek out moment and I did....and it was absolutely amazing!

Arwen and Adam were an absolute pleasure. Arwen hung out with us on the table while Adam signed away. Definitely was a cool experience I will never forget!

Zobie Fright Pack Signing (Currently a Secret)

Next up was a secret signing with someone signing for May's Zobie Fright Pack. I will post the information up once the Zobie Fright Pack officially launches. It's scheduled for Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 6 PM CT.

Quick Jeffrey Dean Morgan Signing

Side note: Here is Jeffrey Dean Morgan signing some 16x20 photos that I needed for a project. I was able to have a friend of mine finish these before our private signing with him in May. Here is the flyer for the customs that are available right now from our upcoming signing with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. These are limited so I would get your orders in now!

Erik Stolhanske Signing

Next signing was in Hollywood with one of the lead actors in the smash-hit Super Troopers, Erik Stolhanske aka Rabbit.

Erik and Barbara were great to hang out with, I really do appreciate Erik taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with me. One of the things people don't realize when it comes to doing private signings is that I will fly to where ever a actor is located to conduct the signing. Erik did this signing the week of a HUGE movie launch for him. We literally met blocks away from the FOX studio where he was able to pencil me in between phone interviews and a red carpet premier. 

Fairuza Balk Signing

Once that signing was done, I rushed over to Pasadena, CA to attend Monsterpalooza. I had my last minute signing with Fairuza Balk. Fairuza is known for her work on The Craft, Waterboy, and American History X.

She was absolutely wonderful to work with, and she really loved meeting her fans at the show. I had the opportunity to stand back and wait for her to free up some time in order to conduct the signing and see her interact with her fans. It was amazing. I am around a lot of actors and actresses, and some of them do shows as a secondary avenue for income. Whereas some of them really just want to meet their fans and be able to say 'thank you' for making them who they are today. Fairuza is that type of person that loved just chatting up with her fans, which is always great to see.

Few Extra Photos

Here are some photos of the show in Pasadena as well as the amazing view from Eriks hotel lol.

Until next month.... Thank you!!

Jayare Gallegos

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