Mac's Corner: Backstage Pass - February 2023

Hey guys. Hi. Hello. It’s me again. That kid. That kid that you see screaming on the Zobie instagram from time to time. Do you scroll past the screaming? Or do you watch in horror? Do you subject yourself to the whatnot streams? The questionable dancing? If so, this blog is for you. In this blog I recount and retrospect on the previous month that Zobie as a company had. 

We started the 1st of the month how we always do, we shipped out our mystery boxes😍😍😍😍 this is Postal Eddie, he’s our boy. We love Eddie. The best mailman in Houston and possibly the world. 



The first show we hit up this month was My Hero Con in Dallas Texas. for this show we had 200 mail-ins. That’s a lot of pieces getting signed! What I liked about this show, was the guests were wrapped around the entire con. There were so many voice actors that you couldn’t turn without seeing one. Here’s  videos and photos from the weekend! 





If you guys follow the instagram, you’ll know that we do spoiler videos for our mystery boxes. We recently switched our Zobie Fright box to become monthly. Which was a big change actually. Directors cut was the first mystery box the company sold. So we were a little sad to see it go, although we never know if it will make a comeback….But now with Zobie Fright being monthly you have motivation to make it to the beginning of the next month😍 you’ll always be able to rely on the Zobie Fright😍  Here’s a video of everything that was featured in February’s box. I personally love the Stephen Vlaus autograph, the first time I watched Pyscho Goreman I was confused and amazed. 




Jayare threw a super bowl party. I wasn’t invited. but I still showed up. He refused to give me his address. but I found some documents in the office that led me to him. I walked up. everybody was eating crawfish, jayare said “Mac what are you doing here?”. I didn’t reply, I walked up to the crawfish table. Emotionless. proceeded to eat two pounds. I watched the Rihanna half time show. Then left the party. 




Valentine’s Day came and went. I’m the only single one in the office, but Houston Horror Film Fests Valentines pop up market made up for it. Because if there’s anything that will make me distracted from the fact that I’m single…it’s horror movies😍 This was a really really fun event. It was only a one day pop up, so we rolled up around 7:00 AM and rolled out around 9:00. I really love events like this because they’re a really fun and safe place for people to express themselves and their love for fandom. Check out this video of the event! 







I saw Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania. While the film itself is questionable. I’m a big M.O.D.O.K fan, which was one of the most questionable parts of the movie. I feel like it was wasted potential, but it amazes me that we live in a world where M.O.D.O.K was even brought to the big screen. Here’s a video of me taking company labels and printings his weird face onto them. 




We finished the last weekend of the month very strong. We had THREE shows in ONE weekend. We had Jayare, Marco, Frank, AB, and Jenny at Anime Corpus Christi. We had me, Danny, and Carlos at Atlanta Comic Con. Then we had Adam at Pensacon completing Mail Ins. We were like the Avengers in Infinity War when they were all split up in different parts of the galaxy. Here’s some photos from our weekend: 








This has been my time. If you’ve read this far, go onto our most recent post on instagram and comment a bunch of cowboy emojis🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 YEEHAW BOYS 

-love Mac 



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