Backstage Pass: October!

This month we traveled to LA, Boston, Dallas, Orlando and San Antonio to conduct private signings.

We completed a lot of cool projects for folks who couldn't attend the comic cons. We were also able to complete of the projects we had been working on for some time.

The month started with flying to LA to conduct the Horror box autographs with PJ Soles. She was amazing to work with and was an absolute professional.

PJ Soles autograph session

PJ Soles autograph proof

Once I arrived back to Prosper, I had to do a quick turn around as I had to travel to Boston to conduct the Original autograph for Octobers Bam Box.

Zach Galligan autograph session

Jayare and Zach Galligan

We were able to conduct a signing with someone that I had been wanting to add to our Zobie inventory for a while now. Tom Morga who is known to play Jason, Michael Myers and Leatherface, a rare feat.

Tom Morga autograph session

Tom Morga signing custom Jason jerseys

Tom Morga and I

Once I got back from Boston I conduct a private signing with Brian Bonsall. I grew up on Disney films, one of my favorite movies ever is Blank Check. So this was a really great experience meeting Preston Waters. I met Brian at a local concert venue as he is the guitarist for The Ataris. He was kind enough to add me to the list for the concert that night, which was amazing.

The Ataris

Brian Bonsall private signing

Brian Bonsall and I

Once this was completed, I hopped on a flight to Orlando to meet up with Jaeden Lieberher. Jaeden played Bill in the new IT movie. This was a great opportunity to add him to the new IT cast pieces, but more importantly to be able to conduct a large signing with him so many of his fans can enjoy his work.

Jaeden Lieberher

Once I flew back in from Orlando I jumped in the car to travel to San Antonio to finish all the pieces that didn't get done in Burbank in September for Quinn Lord. Quinn is known for playing Sam in Trick R Treat. Great horror film, if you haven't seen it.

Quinn Lord Trick R Treat

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