Backstage Pass: September 2019

Hey everyone!

Jayare here, I hope everyone is well. September was an extremely busy month for Zobie. We had so many things going on at the same time that it was really difficult to not lose my mind. Since I started writing this blog I have been pulled 3 different times. SQUIRREL!

Our first signing for September was Naomi Grossman. She was able to provide us every American Horror Story Pepper ear....yes ears. These are amazing and a must have for any AHS fan.

Next up was a trip to Indianapolis. Weird fact I lived in Indiana growing up as a migrant kid. My parents worked the fields up there. I always enjoyed my time there.


I have listened to John 5 from his early days with Manson to Rob Zombie and even his solo career. I have always been a fan of his work. Great signing!


Here is everyone's favorite nun, Bonnie Aarons.


We had a chance to have Kristy Swanson in the Zobie Box and she was absolutely amazing to work with. She knocked it out quick! lol Inside joke. Blah

Shout out to my right hand Frank the Tank! Army Strong!

What would you do if you saw these dudes in a hotel hallway late at night?

When we were conducting the signing with Malin she wanted for her assistant to take photos of her signing as in her words " we were the most organized people she had seen", this comment means a lot to me as we strive to be efficient.

Robin was so cool to work with she loved the different images we got signed. Those can be found under the autograph section for Robin.

I ordered these masks like 3 months ago and they got here late....yeah...I hate long shipping wait time as well.

Next up was a signing with Alan Harris who is known for his work in Star Wars, playing various characters. Fun fact he is also the body for the Harrison Ford carbonate scene. He explained the way they were able to shoot that and man some of these guys behind the scenes had to do through some stuff back before technology was really advanced for films. I honestly don't think unions would even approve the methods to get the shot! lol

We lost a legend in the film industry, Sid Haig. Prayers and love to his family and friends. We worked a lot with Sid in the past and he was always a joy to work with. R.I.P

We were able to take part in a Peter Cullen signing in September, Peter signed metallic photos for us. Some of these will be in the upcoming Black Fright Zobie XL and Black Box! Stay tune for more details on those releases.

Next up was a trip to San Antonio to conduct some signings. One of which was Ron Perlman. Ron loves Frank Sinatra and we listened to him throughout the signing. Really fun signing here.

Justin Cook doing work for the last Zobie Anime Mystery Box!

Next up was a signing with Emilio Estevez!

The stories behind The Mighty Ducks and Breakfast Club were so good. Emilio even pointed out behind the scenes facts from different stills. I really enjoyed my time with Emilio, he is probably one of the most humble actors I have ever met.

Shout out to Stephen for coming over late and stickering items for us.

The last days of September I was in the process of flying to Monterrey Mexico for Horrorfest, but I was also coordinating a move to our first Zobie space. We are now located in McKinney, TX.

This has been in the plans for so many months, heck years. I am glad I got my home back to be honest.

I will post up photos of the warehouse in the next blog. I hope you enjoyed this one. Once I start writing them I realize how much crap we do. Its beyond crazy at times, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

All Love. Stay Strong


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