Backstage Pass: September!

September was a really busy month here at Zobie. Looking back at the month we probably traveled the most amount of miles in the month of September.

I went from Dallas to Salt Lake City to Dallas then drove to Atlanta. Was there for a little bit over 24 hours and drove back the 14 hours to Dallas. I then drove to Houston for more signings then came back. From there I went to Atlantic City, NJ, which was really a flight to Philly arriving at 7 PM local time then conducting a signing at 10 PM then driving back to the Philly airport for a 5 AM flight. The month ended with a road trip to New Braunfels and Bastrop, TX for three private signings. Oh and a quick chaotic trip to LA some where in there.

Okay, lets dig into the month.

Shout out to Jess for this amazing donut keychain I put on my backpack. 

I personally love flying to Salt Lake City every year to the comic con there. Not only is the city beautiful, but I really love the weather and people in this wonderful city.

Pre private signing relaxation. Also quick note, I love the fact you can jump on scooters and sight-see throughout the city. These things are really fast!

Every year I go to JDawgs as its one of my favorites places in SLC.

Gaten Matarazzo Signing

We did a few signings in SLC, but nothing was more important then seeing our friend Gaten. He is one of the best people to work with. I have seen Gaten grow up right in front of me as we have done signings with him for the last 4 years.

Finn Wolfhard Signing

Once I drove to Atlanta, I had to setup for the signing. I took a different approach for this signing as it was delayed a few times due to filming. Finn is a working actor, so we were on standby waiting to get a rescheduled date for the signing. I ended up renting an apartment in the city to make sure we had enough room. I literally drove through a storm in Louisiana in a mini van full of Mike and Richie merchandise! 

JSA Frank hard at work. Shout out to Frank for his help. This guy is a extremely hard worker and loyal person. He has been with me since I started in the business. I remember he would help me when I was doing 20-30 pieces at a time. Now he is helping with the hundreds of signings we have done and thousands of pieces per month.

A small stack of JSA cards from the signing.

Signings with Morgan Lifting and Peter Jason

Morgan Lifting and Peter Jason signing was conducted as well. These people are amazing to work with and I greatly appreciate their help in getting these last minute projects done. Shout out to Peter for signing at 1 AM local LA time due to a last minute filming schedule. Absolute warrior!

Ari Lehman Signing

I was scheduled to drive down to New Braunfels early Saturday morning but decided to drive down a day early to have time to setup for the Ari signing. Plus, I wanted to check out the city of New Braunfels as I always wanted to get some acres there and build a home.

Signings with Bill Johnson and Dan Yeager

Once we were completed with Ari, we drove straight to Bastrop, TX to conduct the Bill Johnson and Dan Yeager private signings.

This was by far one of the busiest months we had. I want to just say thank you to everyone who took part in the multiple signings we did. Also, thank you for your patience on the Finn Wolfhard signing, he loved signing for you.

I am working on multiple signings that have never been done before and I am really excited to be able to announce those soon! Get ready. It's going to be a crazy end of the year!



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