Backstage Pass: November 2019

I am writing this again in January even though it says November above!

That just tells you how busy we got during the holiday rush. I always find myself learning on what I did right and wrong during that time of the year. Most important is trying to find the time in the day to find some time for my mental health lol.

November was super busy for us. We did our annual trip to Rhode Island.

I was able to meet Chevy Chase and he was great. I remember watching the National Lampoon films and really enjoying those as a kid.

While in town I was able to conduct a few signings that I needed to complete in order to finish some projects. One of the signings was Tom Berenger, here is a photo of him signing some items for friends.

Hey Jayare! I can get so-in-so over in 10 minutes, find a spot to do the signing. UghhhhOKAYYYYY. This typically happens to me every show I go to. Here is a hallway that connected the convention kitchen and main autograph area. This is the area we completed a signing.

Here are some photos of Luci Christian signing some 11x17s for us.

Shout out to Rodney and Ryan Spence for helping me with this signing.

Here is a photo of me that started me to rethink eating all those donuts! lol jk

I love donuts! I am fluffy!

Here is Colleen signing items for us during the weekend.

This guy kept threatening to punch me in the balls.

Next up was the gentleman himself Bill Hargreaves. He is an absolute gentleman, wait I just said that. Well you know what I mean, hes amazing to work with. He shared some amazing stories. One of which was how he began working on Star Wars. Pure hustle and the gift of talking himself into a job having no experience beforehand. Straight Hustle, I love it.

In the back you can see some of our comics getting done. These are being slabbed and will be up in our new auction house coming in February 2020.

Here is Audie, who drove down for a weekend getaway with me. Josh and Audie came down to help me out and hang out for a weekend. Something I try to do at least twice a year.

Quick signing with Chris Sabat who is absolutely amazing to work with!


Next up was a signing with Dickey Beer. I mean how cool is that name first off! This was a great signing.

Here is Derek Mears signing for us. He is one of my favorite people to work with. He is an absolutely amazing human being.

Quick signing with Katherine and Felissa from Sleepaway Camp!

Next was a signing with Jonathan Breck from Jeepers Creepers. 

Shout out to Ab and Ej for the help!

Last signing for November was J Michael Tatum.

Behind the scenes photo of Wilson working on prepping for the Black Friday launch.

November was a blur, but it was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for the beautiful emails sent my way after the Black Friday release. It makes me so happy that everyone enjoyed the releases we did. I don't think I will ever do that many in one day lol.

Lesson Learned!


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