Backstage Pass: March 2019!

We started March with a bang with our release of the Zobie Fright Pack!

We had a record breaking number of boxes sold. Thank you guys so much for the support!

First signings we locked in and completed in March were a series of Dragon Ball Z. We met with Kara Edwards, Cynthia Cranz, Sonny Strait, Alexis Tipton, and Wendy Powell.

BTW if you love Anime we have some great signings coming up!

Next up for us was a trip to Cincy for the Horror Hound show. We had a the pleasure of working with Neve Campbell and John Franklin at the show. Both were amazing to work with. Neve stayed extra late to sign for us and who knew she was a fan of Tequila! My personal drink of choice is Jack or any whisky for that matter.


Neve Campbell and myself.

John Franklin signing knifes and corns....yes

We were also able to get items signed from Denise Crosby and Jimmy Workman for the Zobie XL release.

Jimmy signing for us. I loved Addams Family growing up.

Here is some photos of Juventud Guerrera signing for the Zobie Rasslin Box!


March was a very busy month for us as we had a few signings for the April releases. We had the release of the Zobie Fright Pack as well as Zobie Gamer and the auctions to raise money for Operations Homefront.

We continue to be busy this month, which I know I am writing this blog 3 weeks late, thats on me. I have been really busy trying to plan out the rest of the Summer and Fall.

Stay Tune for June as we have 3 releases that month PLUS the ACE Comic Con Official Signings.

Thank you for the read. I appreciate you!

Have a Blessed day!


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