Backstage Pass: June 2019

Whats up everyone!

June was absolutely nuts!

Flights to LA, Indianapolis, traveled to San Antonio and Seattle. We did over 15 signings in the month of June and looking at my calendar its not slowing down anytime soon.

We attended SAC Anime this year and were able to obtain a lot of great memorabilia. We love attending these shows as it allows us to get a good range of memorabilia from a group of amazing voice actors.

Above is a photo of Roger Craig Smith who voices Batman and Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Next was a trip to Indianapolis for a Justin Roiland signing. Shout out to Justin and his team for being absolutely amazing! Here are some photos of the signing.

One of the best things about conducting signings is the stories that are shared and Justin had some great stories about the process he goes through to do the voice of Rick and Morty. He is extremely talented and we wish him nothing but the best in his career.

Next up was our Zobie Gamer release. This mystery box is special to me as I hadn't seen anything in the market geared towards Gamers and fans of Video Gaming collectibles. This release was great with 4 amazing themes.

We had Wally Wingert sign different 8x10 designs for this release and it quickly sold out. We plan on doing another Zobie Gamer Box in August.

Next up was our 2nd release of Zobie Anime. This mystery box had 1 first time item for us and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Doughbie in a shirt format.

This Zobie Anime release was a quick sell out. Shout out to everyone shared this release. We have grown in the past 2 years and its all due to more and more people releasing that I care about what I put out and customer service is key for us as a core to the foundation of Zobie.

I was able to easy of the peddle this month for 2 days in Concan, TX. This area of Texas was a first for me. It was amazing to not have cell phone service and to just get a way a little bit. This helps me be creative and create

Photo of me during those days...

Next up was a signing with Aquaman himself Jason Momoa.

On the way home we stopped in Austin to do a signing with Justin Briner who voices Deku in My Hero Academia.

Speaking of Aquaman have you seen Donutman? Great flick really is a true super hero for the dudes with the now sought after DadBod!

Next up was a trip to Seattle for ACE Comic Con. Zobie is a approved partner for Mail-In's and we had a blast out there with JSA and Stephen.

The venue has a wall of Seahawk jerseys signed by the bands that have played there. Really cool display.

Seattle was great. I really enjoyed working with everyone involved at the show. Everyone was really nice and took care of me. Shout out to the ACE Staff.

Until the next one guys, thank you so much for the support.

I appreciate you y'all!



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