Backstage Pass: January 2019!

Whats up guys!

2019 is off to a busy start here in Zobie World!

We visited the following cities this month:


Los Angeles



New Orleans

Late December, we announced a signing with one of the top names in Anime: Chris Sabat.

Chris is well known in the anime world as the voices of "Vegeta" in Dragonball Z and "All Might" in My Hero Academia.

Chris is naturally a very funny guy and the signing was amazing. He is a really nice guy that loves his fans.

OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a behind the scenes photo of JSA Stephen..Honestly this guy can't be allowed to go anywhere without him looking for food. He loves planning his meals days in FR FR. Eeeaaatt

We started the month traveling right off the bat with an anime based show in the west coast. This was the first time I visited SAC Anime, and I have to say this show was a blast! The cosplay and overall fandom was off the hook! Its a beautiful thing to see everyone come together and just be nerds about their fandom. I had a blast walking the show and seeing the wide variety of FUNKO Pop, cosplay costume, t-shirts, arts & crafts vendors. One of the things that stuck out to me was the amount of people who lined up for My Hero Academia and Super Mario Bros actors. This was a great show and I can't wait to attend again. Now off to the information you guys are probably here for! lol

We started the weekend off with a signing before I even checked in the seriously. 

Here is Bret Iwan signing for us. Bret is known for bringing Mickey Mouse to life in various Disney shows such as "Kingdom Hearts."

After this signing, I checked in and setup for a Sean Schemmel signing (more on that in a bit).

Next up: signings with Jason Marsden who is known as the voice of "Max", Bill Farmer who voices "Goofy" and Tara Sands who voices "Bulbasaur" in the Pokemon series.

We were also able to talk to Veronica Taylor who loved what we were trying to do with our mystery boxes. Keep a look out for **Easter Eggs** of her featured in the upcoming Zobie Anime box.

Fun story: Veronica was extremely busy all weekend. We had time between the curtains to knock out this signing and literally had 5 minutes to do this. She was a trooper, as we used her luggage as a table to conduct the signing!

Next up was a meeting with Sean Schemmel. We had a great time discussing various topics like Star Wars characters, and the recently released, Dragonball Z Broly film.

Next up was a flight to LA for a private signing for a upcoming Zobie Fright Pack. Now.... I can't make a post about who signed for Zobie since it is a mystery box that's coming out on March 1st! I can however talk about the themes and I am really pumped about the future March box.

One of my favorite things to do when I go to LA is hang out with Nery and reenact popular movie scenes. Kuddos to you if you know which film locations are pictured below. 

Shout out to SK Donuts and Croissant in LA. They treated Nery, Jackie and I with love and even gave us free donuts. I love when you visit a small business and explain how much positive reviews you have heard, and they treat you like family. To me this hits home, because I try to provide that experience as well to everyone here at Zobie.

I will absolutely go back and be a customer for life now!

Next up on our plate was the release of the Zobie Rasslin Mystery Box! This release was amazing! Featuring 2 of the hottest names in pro wrestling: Becky Lynch and Nakamura!

I was able to also include these amazing retro WCW cards that I remember opening up when I was younger.

I have big plans for the April Rasslin' Box. Stay Tuned for this...

Next up was a trip to the corner store when I landed in Atlanta for the Days of the Dead show. I got all the essentials for a successful weekend! Atlanta was a start to a 3-state trip for myself. The plan was to go from Dallas to Atlanta, off to Phoenix, then fly to Dallas and drop off product... then head straight to New Orleans for a signing for an upcoming Zobie Fright Pack!

We had two featured signings locked in Atlanta. The man in the suit for Godzilla Tsutoma Kitagawa and Bin Furuya the man behind Ultraman!

Both of these men were exactly like gentlemen!

Absolute class acts.

I woke up at 3 AM and headed to the airport Saturday morning hyped due to the trip to Phoenix. This was a trip to knock out two signings and take in NXT Take Over and WWE Royal Rumble!

On my way to NXT I saw Kane!

This tag match stole the show! If you haven't seen it, please go subscribe to the WWE Network and enjoy!

Met a cool girl who got to meet Finn Balor and got his signature tattoo'd on her arm! Now that's a fan!

Shout out to the homie, Rey Mysterio, for making time to meet up. 619 BOOYAKA! 

Here are some of my favorite photos of the Royal Rumble event. We had amazing seats, Shout out to Flair.

Oh yeah I cracked my tooth, I was in absolute pain the whole weekend. This happened over me eating a lifesaver

**Here is a graphic photo so you are being warned, don't scroll...**

I met up with Charlotte and she was super tired but a trooper to meet up and made a special video for Zoey and Colbie. She is amazing and is one of my favorite wrestlers ever.

Next up was a early flight to Dallas. I made a pit stop at the Dentist to get checked out and scheduled a root canal for two days later because my work wasn't done. I had to travel to New Orleans to conduct a private signing for the upcoming Zobie Fright Pack!

You wont want to miss the upcoming Zobie Fright Pack!

Well, I hope you guys liked this blog. I am going to do a better job at writing these out in 2019!

Thank you,


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