Backstage Pass: January!

Let me start by saying, January went super fast and it's been a terrific month to start 2018! First thing we tackled was getting new package inserts made for our upcoming Zobie Fright Packs and Website purchases.

Here's a look at the insert:

 Zobie Productions

Val Kilmer Signing

Originally planned for December and postponed due to the fires, I had the rescheduled private signing with Val Kilmer. I flew into LAX, picked up our rental car, and drove over to Santa Monica to setup for the signing. This was a huge signing that was going to take a while and needed a lot of space, so I went ahead and booked a bigger room than usual.

Val Kilmer signing for Zobie Productions.

Having done two previous signings with Mr. Kilmer, I am familiar with how he likes to do signings, so a bigger room allows for him to kick back and watch the news when he needs a break. Here is a very tired Val Kilmer. I always appreciate the time I have with him. I used to watch on VHS all the time growing up and he reminds me of all of those Friday's after school going to Blockbusters.

Paul Blake Signing

Next up for us was a signing with Paul Blake, who is known for playing Greedo in Star Wars.

A small sample of the items we got done. These are available now on the website! 

Soska Sisters Signing

Next up for us was a flight to Vancouver to meet up with the Soska Sisters. If you haven't seen their films or heard of them, please check them out. They are absolutely the coolest people you will meet.

Great view of Vancouver downtown area.


Eric Vale and Chris Sabat Signing

Next up was Eric Vale and Chris Sabat, who both play roles in Dragonball Z.

Eric Vale aka TrunksChris Sabat aka Vegeta

CJ Graham Signing


This is one of my favorite movies in horror and I really enjoy working with CJ. Not only is he one of the coolest people to do business with, he is a great person as well. Here is a photo of him signing Jason masks for the first Zobie Fright Pack ... which leads me to the next section.

CJ Graham

First Ever Fright Pack

I realized that I really like to pile on work on myself and have been called a workaholic most of my life. Now that Zobie is really gaining momentum, I am on overload trying to come up with different ideas that can take the brand to the next level.

The Zobie Fright Pack was an idea that was thrown around for a while last year. We did some soft releases and really fine tuned what we wanted to do. January 2018 was the first "official" release. The goal of the Fright Pack is to allow autograph collectors and horror film fans to obtain amazing authentic memorabilia at their door steps, but for a decent price. Too many times I've seen other companies just throw things around, but Fright Pack is different. I want to make sure the value is in each pack.

Here's an design for the January Fright Pack.

Zobie Fright Pack

And I would call this a success (a photo of the first release day of orders headed to the post office).

My closest friends want me to purchase a van and wrap it with a Zobie logo lol. The initial orders for the Fright Pack were a bit overwhelming due to me just not thinking we would sell that many so fast. I was completely blown away with the response and ended up getting a lot of messages from the Horror community. The response has been really positive. I ended up watching the unboxing videos on YouTube and that was a lot of fun. Check them out on YouTube if you get a chance by searching "Zobie Fright Pack". It's very cool to see my packs get into the hands of real fans. I could not thank you enough from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supports me!

Chidobe Awuzie Signing

Next up was a signing with Chidobe Awuzie from the Dallas Cowboys. I am a huge fan as I think he can really help the team in 2018.

Chidobe Awuzie

I had a previous signing with Drew Pearson here at my house, so I had Chidobe sign the 2017 draft photo. If you're a die-hard Cowboys fan, you already know what I am talking about. Iconic moment for the Cowboys fans that I am sure won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Trip to Philly

Next up was a trip to Philly for a signing with Charlotte, as well as help with the Icons of Wrestling event with my friend Gilbert. Here are some photos of the trip. I am a huge wrestling fan so NXT on Saturday and Royal Rumble was a must for me.

First up an airport selfie....I get on this damn elevator at least 3 times a month... and a quick shout out to Tumi for my road warriors of bags! I swear they need to sponsor me. Their bags carry all of my inventory and I am always nervous about that, but their bags are by far the best I have used. I'm not joking, if Tumi rep every reads this...hit me up! lol

I love food so I was in Philly for 20 minutes and ended up here. Need them CARBS!!

Yo Adrian I Did It!!!!

Rocky: Yo Adrian I Did It


View of the room in Philly.

A couple of legends...

So funny story behind this photo. Obviously Gilbert and I are huge fans of wrestling. Quick Shout out to Booker T for the hook up  on tickets before the story though.

Anyways a group of fans were being really annoying the whole night. The two guys behind us were also annoyed by this group, so the whole night we basically just talked mess right back to this group....main event comes on, and we automatically cheer for the opposite opponent of who ever they were rooting for....because hey why not. WAR CIEN ALMAS!

These guys took it way to serious at the end of the night and stormed off once their "guy" lost. This is a post match photo with the cool guys behind us. 

Wrestling is fun. Its entertaining as hell, If you haven't been to a match, go next time they're in town.

Next up were some quick signings the next morning. Once those were completed, we headed back to the arena for Royal Rumble. Quick shout out to Flair for the hook up here. Great view right in the middle for my favorite card of the year.

5 Star Wars Signings

Right after the event I headed to the hotel to pack, as I had a 5:30 AM flight back to Dallas to conduct 5 Star Wars signings. I had the pleasure of working with Derek Arnold, Lee Towersey, John Morton, Brian Herring and Paul Kasey. I also had a lot of help... so shout out to Sean, Brad, and Stephen. It felt really weird having help at a signing and it was nice to actually sit back a bit...a first for me.

The chaos back at my house trying to get everything organized with Stephen.

It was a busy month as you can see, but February is just as hectic with 4 scheduled flights already!

Until next time..




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