Backstage Pass: August!

Note: This is what hundreds of markers look in a TSA scan..

Well its September 17th and I am barley going live with this blog...I think I stopped and started about 20 times. So that usually means, it has been absolute chaos here. It has been absolutely insane to be honest. Since early August to yesterday, I can count the number of days I have taken off. Like legit not looked at 1 email or answer a message on social media. That count is 1. 

September has probably been the busiest month I have had, but I will release that blog in two weeks. I already have most of it written so that will go live on the last day of this month. Anyways....Let's get to August.

Margaret Kerry Signing

Mrs. Kerry is always a joy to work with. We have done business with her for years now. She is a Disney Legend and I wish nothing but pure happiness for her. The custom signed photos we got done were stunning!

Shawna Waldron Signing

Next up was a signing with Icebox herself Shawna Waldron. This was a great signing for Zobie. I grew up on a lot of the 90s films that most of you did. Little Giants was one of my favorites. Except the Giants ended up beating the Cowboys..blah!

Here are some photos of Shawna signing for us.



Lost Boys Signing

Next up was a trip to Indy to conduct a signing with the IT kids as well as the Lost Boys Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. This trip was great as I spent a few years living in Indy specifically Plymouth, Indiana..Go Rockies. 

Fresh off the flight we setup for Kiefer and Jason. Both of these guys were amazing to work with. We all had a blast sharing stories and just talking about life events.

Once Jason was done, he sat next to Kiefer and started to talk to him about the filming for Lost Boys and they spent most of the signing chatting it up. It was great to see them be so open and share great stories.

IT Kids Signing


The IT kids were great as always. Jackson is a trip! Literally one of the funniest kids I have ever known.

"Why do people want me to sign Georgie if its on the box already!?"

Good stuff.

Terry Notary Signing

Next up was a flight to Dallas to conduct a signing with Terry Notary. He is known for work in Kong, Avengers, and Planet of the Apes as Rocket.

Kellen Goff and Dian Bacher Signings

We also conducted signings with Kellen Goff and Dian Bachar. Here are some shout out videos from those signings.

Mary Gibbs Signing

Last but not least was the signing with Boo from Monsters Inc. Mary Gibbs!

This was a great signing for Zobie as my whole family loves this film! All of these items will be up on the website soon. We are so behind on adding items to the website. It's crazy!!!

Thank you for the support. I got sick 2 times in August and currently right now I am sick again! September has been chaos. I think that blog will be crazy as there iis so much to cover. I guess that one will be ready to go public shortly.

Jayare Gallegos


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