Backstage Pass: April 2019

What’s up everyone!

I had a lot of travel in April and even ran into some cancelled flights, but it’s okay. We were able to get past that and get some really cool stuff accomplished. 

The first trip was to New York City for Wrestlemania and Wrestlecon. I woke up at 3 A.M. to a notification that the flight I was on was cancelled. Southwest was able to quickly get me on the next flight, which was great! I landed and quickly got over to the Hilton in Mahanttan. Gilbert and I quickly setup for Wrestlecon and I got items organized items for the Ric Flair signing. Ric was in a great mood and signed Funko POP figures for us. I want to give a shout out to Ryan and Mark from JSA who were able to authenticate the items for us.

The signing got even better as the Iron Shiek was able to join the signing and quickly it turned into a great back and forth session between the Shieky baby and Ric.

I don’t remember being in a private signing where I laughed as much as I did at this one. The stories and constant stories were amazing. One of my favorite interviews on YouTube when it comes to wrestling is Iron Sheik interviews and if you haven’t had a chance to listen to them, here’s a link


The whole weekend consisted of wrestling parties and fun. Wrestlemania was amazing and sat next Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone. I sometimes have moments when I sit back and think, I so blessed to do the things I do in life. Going to Wrestlemania for multiple years in a row is a huge blessing. I was able to attend the Kevin Nash after party and got to have a few drinks, as well as meet Marlena for the first time. 

I enjoyed the Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan match the most just in case your wondering.

We were able to also complete Sheryl Lee and Preston Lacy from Jackass the first week of April. Sheryl Lee signing was a rescheduled signing due to the California fires last fall. Luckily Sheryl was safe and was able to meet with us.

Next up was a trip original to Burbank for Monsterpaloozza, but again another flight cancellation. This one hurt as it set off multiple signings being pushed back. I was able to get on a plane later that week to accomplish some signings that I needed to conduct for the future Zobie Boxes though.

Next signings were for Kameha Con in Dallas, TX. I was able to do signings with Chris Sabat, Kent Williams, Dameon Clark, Ian Sinclair and Linda Young. We were able to accomplish so many great signings and obtain amazing memorabilia. Here is a look at the behin the scenes on those signings.

Here is a quick photo with Nery Lemus, who is a dear friend of mine, we got into a competition of putt putt golf. NEWS FLASH! I suck at golf.

Next up was a flight over the pond. I got on a flight to Manchester, and then rode over to Liverpool. I was able to have a great talk with Danielle Monet, aka Summer Rae, as we were on the same flight and rode over together.

Liverpool was rainy, but overall a great show. Lita, Christian, Ric Flair, and Booker T had a lot of fun hanging out with the fans. Here is some photos from behind the scenes.

On the way back Christian and I were on the same flight so we got to ride to the airport together. Hes a great person and if you have an opportunity to meet him, do it!

Thank you guys so much for reading my blog. I appreciate it. Life is a blur, but when I get to write down some notes of what happens, I come to realize that we do a lot here. Thank you sharing that journey with me! Xoxo


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