Zobie's "Not So Perfect" Mystery POP! Sale

Not Available
$ 7.00


Releases Monday the 18th at 12PM CT!

Choose between a Single Pop at $7 each or a Mega Pack at $40.

All Funko Pops have minor to medium damage to the outside of the boxes, creases, dents, dings, etc. Figures are in-tact and perfect for the out of box collector.

A Single Pop includes 1 random pop from any category.

A Mega Pack includes one of 2 options:
1) 6 random pops with at least 1 being a guaranteed exclusive, vaulted, chase, or autographed pop.
2) 3 random pops plus 1 6" Pop or 1 Movie Moment

No duplicates in the same order, up to 2 Mega Packs. All sales are final sale. Due to the limited nature of this product, we cannot guarantee stock availability.

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